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Welcome to my site, my name is Gil Guerra Jr, AKA Cisko Master Gunfighter. I have been in the sport of shooting since I can remember. I began competing from the age of 14 and I have never looked back. I am passionate about what I do and I enjoy putting on a show for my FANS! Over the years, I have gained crucial skills through hours of practice and hard work with all types of firearms. One of my specialties is the fast-draw, with emphasis on speed and pinpoint accuracy, I have accumulated many awards and won many championships.

Action movie watchers often do not know the correct technique that is supposed to be used in the scenes of a movie. They might even be watching actors use incorrect technique and think that is the correct way to do it. Wouldn’t it be better to watch a movie where the actors are shooting the guns the way they are supposed to be shot? I would think so!

That’s where I come in. I specialize in speed shooting with western guns and most other firearms as well. I also have knowledge and experience with fencing, swordplay, shooting a bow and arrow, knife throwing, and have a martial arts background.

I would like to train actors to shoot guns or at least teach them the correct form and motions. I also want to play acting roles in movies. Example roles that I could qualify for are: a cowboy, pirate, modern Hispanic man, and many others. I am a Hispanic man with long dark hair and facial hair so that would play into many roles for action movies.


With thousands of hours under my belt, I can list many achievements over the years, here are just a few of many:

  • 40 years of fast draw competition experience
  • 10 Time Fast Draw World Champion
  • Five Seasons on Impossible Shots TV Show

  • Numerous Other Shooting Titles
  • Instructional Fast Draw DVD
  • Continues to Compete at World Class Level

  • Branching Into Tactical Firearms on Impossible Shots
  • Worlds Fast Draw Association Fastest Gun Alive Title
  • Cowboy Fast Draw Association Fastest Gun Alive Title


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If you guys enjoy my videos and want to see new material, please support me by donating. Any amount will be appreciated! Your support will make a major difference in providing high quality creative new videos.


Having been shooting for decades, I have gained a deep understanding and knowledge when it comes to shooting. I am eager to put this knowledge not only into physical application, but to also help others, mainly in the movie industry, to learn how to properly shoot the way of the Master Gunfighter.

Residing in San Bernardino County, next to the home of film in Los Angeles, I would like to get involved in helping actors learn the way of the gun for maximum authenticity. This way viewers like me can appreciate the beauty of an action film, as well as proper gun form!

In addition to training for film, I am also open to acting roles as well, ranging from stunt doubling to doing lead shooting parts.

For any film training and/or acting inquiries, contact me using the form below!


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